Drum Roll Please.

The winner of the Kindle is Tina Gayle. Tina I will be contacting you about your prize

First place for the most traffic to their post is Ashlyn Chase. I have $25.00 Frog Bucks for Fantasia Frog Designs. I will be sending it to you shortly. .
Second place for the most traffic to their  post was Dena Garson. I have $15.00 in Frog Bucks to Fantasia Frog Designs coming your way shortly. 
Third Place for the most traffic to their post was Megan Slayer. I have $10.00 in Frog Bucks to Fantasia Frog Designs for you. I'll send it shortly. 
The winner for Garland and Gould was Alicia Backus. The authors will send you your prize.
The winner for D. L. Jackson's signed copy of Blown Away and the orange chocolates was Wanda Osepowicz. I didn't see an email contact for you. Please contact me a Paxton Summers @gmail . com.

The winner of Paxton's prize is Tina Gayle - You will receive signed copy of Clone - The Book of Eva and the box of salted chocolate-covered caramels. I'll be contact…

The Giveaways.

Thanks to everyone for joining the Bash. I had a lot of fun with your posts.
I will be announcing the winner of the Kindle tonight, and the blogger prizes. This will give Cate time to run your entries through a name generator. For every comment you made, you're getting your name dropped into the generator. So, the more you commented, the better chance you'll win.

Bloggers, if you can let me know your winners, I will announce them with the Kindle Winner.
Commenters, the authors will contact you on your winnings if you've left an email.

Thanks once again for making this event fun. I enjoyed reading all the posts and comments.



Please welcome Poet, Janeen G.


I to shred my insecurities in front of you, I reveal my soul, Imperfections are bare and wild, The flaw of my skin and heart are right at your feet, You know me now as who I am, Inside and out, Raw, My love for you is all I can shed in the light... 

Janeen G. is an author and writer of love poems, erotic fiction, and fantasy short stories. She writes with her emotions and fantasy is her passion. Writing has always been her escape from the real world. She wants to share her imaginations with the world. She enjoys reading, nature, binge watching her favorite TV show and sharing her real-life stories on her blog. She is a mother of four beautiful children and she is committed to her husband of 10+ years. She currently resides in Orlando, FL but she was raised in New York City.

Blog- Tumblr- Twitter- Facebook- Instagram-…

Please Give a Big Shout Out to the Fabulous Cara Carnes!

Treat Every Day Like It’s Valentine’s Day
Hi, everyone! I’m thrilled to be a part of Paxton’s awesome Bash this year. This is going be such a great time. Thanks for helping us ring in another Valentine’s Day.
So, I’m single. Every year I have so many married friends feel sorry for me because I’m spending V-Day alone. *shrugs* But I always tell them that Valentine’s Day is about love and I spend three hundred sixty five days focused on love. I love what I do, I love those around me and I write books about love.
I AM VALENTINE’S DAY. Aren’t we all? The entire romance community is Valentine’s Day all the time, right? We celebrate romance in everything we do.
I’m never alone because I always have my heroes, the stories locked within my brain demanding to come out. And I have hundreds (okay, thousands probably) of awesome book boyfriends. I’m actually kind of a book boyfriend slut if I’m being totally honest.
How am I ringing in my V-Day this year? Well, I’m getting promo together for s…

D.L. Jackson is here to Blow you Away

I got my start writing science fiction/military romance and the sub-genres have always been near and dear to my heart. In my opinion, there’s nothing sexier than a man or woman in uniform. My Blown Away series is no exception, getting its inspiration from the men and women who serve in EOD, explosive ordnance disposal. It’s got sexy in spades. I’m going to share some of my favorite “sexy” scenes from the series.
Buy Links:
Blown Away (#1) Explosive Affairs (#2)

*Below scenes contain sexual situations and graphic language*
Blown Away (#1) 
The door to the shower opened. MacKay turned, stared through the twisting steam, and found herself without breath. There Boomer stood in his pajama bottoms, chest bare. Her heart raced, pounding so hard against her ribs, she feared they may fracture. “What do you mean, don’t worry about them?” he demanded. What did she mean? She had to get the hell of here. No time for breakfast or further mistakes. “I’m going home.” She closed her lids and tried to ignore h…

Please Give a Warm Welcome to the Lovely Clair Brett.

Thanks, Paxton for letting me stop by and share today. I am so happy to be here. My name is Clair Brett and I write Historicals set in the Regency period. My current series: Improper Wives for Proper Lords is moving along nicely and I have gotten some positive feedback.

I write strong heroines. Yes, I know traditional heroines in the Regency genre are not strong characters, but I feel that modern readers want to see historical women who stood up to those things that would have held them down. I am a strong believer in human nature, and no matter what era you look at there were women who against their better judgement struck out on their own, to blaze a trail. The heroine in my current work in progress is just such a woman. The daughter of a diplomat stationed in India, she is kidnapped, and then when a ransom is not forth coming she is to be sold as a bride to the highest bidder, and is therefore tattooed to claim a higher price. She escapes and is brought back to England. She begins…

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